Taskserver Documentation Update 2014-04-12

The Taskserver setup documentation has been significantly improved. The main setup page is:

Setting up your own Taskserver

The sub pages now cover single topics: ...

Q & A Site Launched 2014-04-07

The new Q & A site is live! Take a look at the site, which can be found here:

There is a searchable knowledge base of community-provided questions and answers. The answers are voted and selected, good answers becomes more prominent, bad answers sink lower. You know how it works. ...

Vit 1.2 is released 2014-04-06

Version 1.2 of the VIT front-end for Taskwarrior is available for download now. Download here: vit-1.2.tar.gz.

See the VIT 1.2 beta1 announcement for the features introduced in 1.2. ...

System Status Pages 2014-03-09

New system status pages are online, which provide up to the minute status for the various services now online. The first is a Pingdom public report showing system status of the bug system, git hosting, web services and others. Check this page for outages.
The second is an operations information page from which shows status, uptime, response time and incidents. ...

Atlassian Licences 2014-03-03

We have received the very generous donation of software licences from Atlassian. This allows us to fully utilize Jira, Stash and Confluence Questions giving us high quality, integrated infrastructure, which in ...

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Taskwarrior is an open-source cross platform command-line task management tool. It allows you to capture, annotate, manipulate and present your tasks, then sync them among devices.