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Development Status 2014-08-16

Development is shifting focus for Taskwarrior and Taskserver. No more features will be added, and completeness, stability and testing become the new focus.

The goal is to work towards good beta releases for Taskwarrior 2.4.0, Taskserver 1.1.0 and Tasksh 1.0.0. ...

Taskwarrior 2.4.0 Preview 2014-07-04

The Taskwarrior 2.4.0 development branch has been unusable for a few weeks (mentioned here) while new functionality was integrated. It has been a long process, with about 750 commits made so far, but now all the tests are passing again.

Does this mean it's ready for alpha and beta? No, not yet, because now there is a need for a lot of new tests to cover all the new functionality. This is the next phase of cycle, improving tests, fixing open bugs, and updating documentation.

Now it's time for a preview of some of the new features...

Vit 1.2 in Homebrew 2014-06-07

The recently released Vit 1.2 is now available from Homebrew.

Homebrew is "The missing package manager for OSX", and includes recipes for several thousand packages. If you wish to install Vit easily on OSX, you simply update your brew recipes and install Vit like this:

$ brew update
$ brew install vit


Taskwarrior 2.4.0 Development Status 2014-05-24

Taskwarrior 2.4.0 is in development. The main feature of this release is a new command line parser, and some related features such as expression evaluation and ISO-8601 date support. This is a major undertaking, but the reward will be some very nice new features.

Until now this work, on the 2.4.0 branch in the code repository has been carefully done so as to not completely break functionality. There are currently 24 failing tests, mostly regarding newly added capabilities. ...

Swiss Ubucon Taskwarrior Workshop 2014-05-10

On Saturday May 10th 2014, Dirk Deimeke presented a Taskwarrior workshop at Swiss Ubucon. Dirk also previewed the new command reference shown here:

Command reference

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