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Date & Time Support 2015-01-03

Taskwarrior 2.4.0 supports many new date & time formatting options. These are all documented in the new Date & Time page. Here is a small sample:

ISO Date Demo


Taskwarrior 2.4.0 Released 2015-01-01

Taskwarrior 2.4.0 is released, it's a major release, and a recommended upgrade. Happy new year.

After almost a year of development, 108 bug fixes, 47 new/improved features, 1,750 code changes and over 50 community-provided patches, version 2.4.0 represents a significant improvement to task list management. Changes include:


Tasksh 1.0.0 Released 2014-12-21

The taskwarrior shell, tasksh 1.0.0, is released.

Up to, and including, Taskwarrior 2.3.0, the shell command implemented this functionality. Starting with Taskwarrior 2.4.0, there is no shell command. Instead there is the tasksh project.

Tasksh Demo

Taskwarrior 2.4.0 beta3 2014-11-11

A new beta 3 for Taskwarrior 2.4.0 is now available as a source tarball.


Sort Column Indicator 2014-10-25

In the upcoming Taskwarrior 2.4.0, there is now the ability to apply a different color to the columns of a report that are part of the sort key.

Sort Columns Demo


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