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Clog 1.3.0 Release 2016-06-27

Clog 1.3.0 is released, with regular expression improvements, bug fixes, rule precedence and overlapping match support. This release is a recommended upgrade.

The release is immediately available as a source tarball clog-1.3.0.tar.gz.

Clog has a full set of online documentation.


Timewarrior 0.9.5 Alpha Release 2016-06-20

Timewarrior 0.9.5 is in alpha! Please download and give us feedback.

Download here:

Online documentation here:
Timewarrior Documentation Home


Activity Digest: May 2016 2016-06-04

The main focus for May is getting Timewarrior ready for an alpha release. The purpose of an alpha release is to gather feedback that guides the subsequent release. Timewarrior is a new project that introduces new concepts. This new functionality needs to be refined before a beta release.

The Timewarrior bug tracker is now open for business.

Additionally the libshared library is being improved. This is a Git submodule that nearly all the projects share, and helps with code reuse. Most importantly, fixing bugs in libshared will fix bugs in all projects, without a lot of manual patching.


Taskwarrior Tools Search 2016-05-22

The Taskwarrior Tools page now has interactive categorized search capabilities, thanks to a significant contribution by Bruno Vernay. We encourage you to take a look.

This feature is driven by automated Github data extraction, which identifies taskwarrior-related projects and finds their metadata.


Timewarrior Preview 2016-05-14

Timewarrior is coming soon. Here is a peek at the work in progress.

Activity Digest: April 2016 2016-05-01

This is an ongoing series of activity reports, published monthly, to highlight activity in the Taskwarrior project. Here is what happened in April 2016.


Taskwarrior running under "Bash on Ubuntu on Windows" 2016-04-07

Today we could verify that Taskwarrior works out of the box under "Bash on Ubuntu on Windows 10". Either by installing it via apt-get (which pulls the regular Ubuntu package) or by compiling it. No changes needed to the source code. You compile it as you would do it on native Ubuntu. A few tests were failing. But no major ones. Enjoy the screenshot and enjoy the thoughts of being able to abandon Cygwin soon, if you are using Taskwarrior on Windows.

Bash on Ubuntu on Windows


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