FreeCinc Shutting Down

FreeCinc has long hosted a Taskwarrior sync server (taskd). However, the service will be shutting down in February. The linked issue describes the reasons for this change.

If you are a user of FreeCinc, please feel free to get in touch via GitHub discussions with any questions.

Taskwarrior 2.6.2 released

Since Taskwarrior strives to be the very best, we are proud to announce the availability of the 2.6.2 bugfix release. Sometimes being best also means best at releasing versions with problems that need to be fixed 🙂 and (hopefully, eventually) catching them all.

This bugfix-only release improves the upgrade path to 2.6.x, prevents corruption of the depends attribute when syncing, provides better support for detecting invalid write contexts and fixes a handful of small regressions introduced in our recent 2.6.0 release. The full changelog is once again available in our traditional plaintext form.

This is a recommended upgrade for all Taskwarrior users. Download here.

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