The done command is how tasks are marked as completed.

$ task add Paint the door
Created task 1.

$ task 1 done
Completed task 1 'Paint the door'.
Completed 1 task.

This sets the task status to completed, adds an end date and updates the modified date.

En Passant

There is a feature shared by several commands, named en passant, which allows further changes, above and beyond the command to be made. An example would be to remove the important tag while completing a task:

$ task 1 done -important

Here the tag removal is the en passant move made while completing the task. Different kinds of modifications may be made when completing a task:

$ task 1 done -important /teh/the/ project: +tag

One special case is that text provided en passant is added to the task as an annotation:

$ task 1 done Paint dried overnight

Here the text Paint dried overnight is added as an annotation.


Once a task is completed, it can be referred to by its UUID, because it no longer has an ID:

$ task 937bb9e4-25df-42a7-a52e-bd47edb23ccd info

Name          Value
------------- ---------------------------------------------------
ID            -
Description   Paint the door
Status        Completed
Entered       2015-09-01 23:08:22 (22s)
End           2015-09-01 23:08:27
Last modified 2015-09-01 23:08:27 (17s)
UUID          937bb9e4-25df-42a7-a52e-bd47edb23ccd
Urgency          0

Date                Modification
2015-09-01 23:08:27 End set to '2015-09-01 23:08:27'.
                    Status changed from 'pending' to 'completed'.

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