The modify command is the most direct way to change a task, for example, replacing a description:

$ task 1 modify This is the new description

Here a tag is added, and another removed from a task:

$ task 1 modify -home +garden

The same change, but to several tasks:

$ task 1 3 5-10 modify -home +garden

The same change, but to a set of tasks matching the filter:

$ task \( project:outdoors or /planting/ \) modify -home +garden

Correcting a spelling error in a task description:

$ task 1 modify /teh/the/

Changing just about everything about a task:

$ task 1 modify +tag /from/to/ project:New priority:H depends:2 due:tomorrow recur:weekly New description


Taskwarrior has a ‘bulk’ threshold, which defaults to three tasks. If you attempt to modify more than three tasks in one command, then additional confirmation is needed:

$ task 1-100 modify +later
  - Tags will be set to 'later'.
Modify task 1 'Buy a new dog collar'? (yes/no/all/quit)

The rc.bulk configuration setting can be modified to raise the threshold, with a value of 0 meaning infinity. The bulk threshold is intended to protect against commands that have an incorrect filter.


If you modify a recurring task, you will be asked whether you want the changes propagated to the other instances:

$ task add pay the rent recur:monthly due:2015-01-01
$ task list

ID R Due        Description
-- - ---------- ------------
 2 R 2015-01-01 pay the rent
 3 R 2015-02-01 pay the rent
 4 R 2015-03-01 pay the rent
 5 R 2015-04-01 pay the rent
 6 R 2015-05-01 pay the rent
 7 R 2015-06-01 pay the rent
 8 R 2015-07-01 pay the rent
 9 R 2015-08-01 pay the rent

$ task 2 modify /pay/Pay/
Modifying task 2 'Pay the rent'.
This is a recurring task.  Do you want to modify all pending recurrences of this same task? (yes/no) yes
Modifying recurring task 2 'Pay the rent'.
Modifying recurring task 3 'Pay the rent'.
Modifying recurring task 4 'Pay the rent'.
Modifying recurring task 5 'Pay the rent'.
Modifying recurring task 6 'Pay the rent'.
Modifying recurring task 7 'Pay the rent'.
Modifying recurring task 8 'Pay the rent'.
Modifying recurring task 9 'Pay the rent'.
Modified 9 tasks.

Declining the modification will affect only the specified task.


  • When modifying tasks using a filter, it is easy to forget to limit the changes to just the pending tasks, requiring status:pending to be added to the filter. Otherwise, it will change all completed and deleted tasks.
  • With rc.confirmation=off, rc.bulk=0, rc.recurrence.confirmation=off, and no filter, it is possible to cause great damage.

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