Work in Progress

This design document is a work in progress, and subject to change. Once finalized, the feature will be scheduled for an upcoming release.

Work Week Support

Taskwarrior supports the idea that a week starts on either a Sunday or a Monday, as determined by configuration. This was added eight years ago, simply for display purposes in the calendar report. Since then its use has propagated and it influences the sow date reference.0

Further requests have been made to make this more flexible, so that the notion of 'weekend' can be defined. Furthermore, the idea that every week has a weekend has also been questioned.

It has become clear that a weekstart setting, and the notion of a weekend are no longer useful.

Proposed Support

One option is to allow the user to completely define a work week in the following way:


With Sunday as day zero, this states that the work week is the typical Monday - Friday. From this setting, the meaning of soww and eoww can be determined, as well as recur:weekday.