Getting Help

There are several forms of help available All support avenues are listed at the Support page.

If you find you have any questions, you can get answers in several ways. The website has user forums, issue tracking and online documentation, including this tutorial.

There is also a Command reference PDF that we recommend you download and use. It shows all the supported commands and options at a glance.


Take a look at the FAQ - you may find your question has already been asked and answered.

IRC #taskwarrior on

You can join the Taskwarrior IRC channel to pose questions, or join in the discussion.


You can submit your request by email. If you have a problem, please run the diagnostic command (below) and include that output, as it helps with the analysis. Please also describe what you expected and what you saw.

task help

There is a built-in help page which summarizes commands, reports and other details.

man task

Finally, you have several man pages installed that contain all the written documentation, including this tutorial. The main man page offers syntax and command help.

man taskrc

The taskrc page describes all the supported configuration options (and there are many), which you can use to customize the behavior of taskwarrior.

man task-color

Use of color, color rules and themes are described in the task color page.

man task-sync

This page describes the various sync alternatives, with examples to help you keep your tasks lists up to date.

task diagnostics

If you find a bug, or even suspect you found a bug, please let us know. Ideally you would email, describe the problem, and include information about your installation. The diagnostics command provides the details needed to diagnose the problem.