Release History

This is a summary of the Taskserver ChangeLog file.

Release Date Description
2015-05-10 1.1.0 Featuring: Improved security (certificate and hostname verification, optional CRL). Improved logging (more diagnostics, more details, log to STDOUT, JSON validation, statistics restored). Improved portability (Solaris, musl libc). Improved documentation (man tskdctl, online docs). Improved quality (test framework improved, client testing implemented). Improved setup (automated setup, taskd.service script). Improved PKI scripts (CN, no SAN). IPv4/IPv6 support. Removed client.allow, client.deny. Many bug fixes.
2014-01-15 1.0.0 Featuring: Sync Protocol v1. Compatibility with Taskwrrior 2.3.0.
2012-09-26 Project restarted using GnuTLS.
2010-09-22 Project began.