Protocol Selection

Taskserver 1.1.0 ordinarily binds to the first interface that matches the hostname and port, regardless of whether that is an IPv4 or IPv6 interface. You have several options to control this.

The server can be configured to bind to the hostname and port in several ways:

$ taskd config server localhost:53589
$ taskd config server
$ taskd config server ::1:53589

The first is the most typical way to setup the server, and is protocol agnostic, in that localhost is usually defined for all interfaces.

The host is an IPv4 address, and the ::1 host is an IPv6 short address. These settings cause the server to bind to IPv4 and IPv6 addresses respectively.

Address Family

There is also the option of specifying the address family:

$ taskd config family IPv4
$ taskd config family IPv6
This restricts the server to only bind using the named address family. By default, no family is specified, which does not restrict the binding.


Similarly, Taskwarrior 2.4.0 can specify the server host and port in several ways, which restrict the interfaces used:

$ task config taskd.server localhost:53589
$ task config taskd.server
$ task config taskd.server ::1:53589
$ task config taskd.server fe80::1:53589
The 'localhost' uses whichever your system is set to use. The '' s an IPv4 address, and therefore uses IPv4. The last two are IPv6 addresses, and therefore use IPv6.