The continue command is a convenient way to resume of previous work tracking without re-entering the tags.

Previous intervals can be referenced by their ID. (Using the summary command and specifying the :ids hint shows interval IDs.) If no ID is given, the latest closed interval (which has ID @1) is resumed. The new interval can be adjusted by issuing a start date or interval range.


timew continue [<ID>] [<date>|<interval>]


Resume tracking of the latest closed interval:

$ timew track 9am - 10am tag1 tag2
$ timew continue

This continues the most recent interval.

Resume tracking of a closed interval by referencing its id:

$ timew track 9am - 10am tag1 tag2
$ timew track 11am - 1pm tag3
$ timew continue @2

This creates a new interval, starting now, using the tags tag1 and tag2.

Specify a new start time or an interval range:

$ timew continue @2 4min ago

This continues the interval referenced by ID 2 with a new start time (4 minutes before now)

$ timew continue 18pm - 19pm

This adds a copy of the latest interval with a new interval range.

See also start, stop, cancel.