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Latest stable release

Taskwarrior 3.0.2 (Released 2024-04-22): task-3.0.2.tar.gz
SHA256 633b76637b0c74e4845ffa28249f01a16ed2c84000ece58d4358e72bf88d5f10

Command reference taskwarrior 2.5.3: task-2.5.3.ref.pdf

See supported platforms for operating systems.

Quick Setup

Build the task program according to the directions in the INSTALL file. This transcript illustrates a typical installation:

$ ls
$ tar xzvf task-3.0.2.tar.gz
$ cd task-3.0.2
$ cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=release .
$ make
$ sudo make install

Please note, that Cygwin is not supported anymore. Use the Windows Subsystem for Linux to use Taskwarrior on Windows.

Ensure that the installed task program is in your PATH environment variable. On startup, task will check to see if it can find the configuration file and task directory, and if not found, will ask you whether it may create both.


DistributionCommandAvailable since
Debian sidsudo apt-get install taskwarriorDebian sid
Debiansudo apt-get install taskwarrior7.x Wheezy
Ubuntusudo apt-get install taskwarrior10.10 Maverick Meerkat
Fedorayum install taskFedora 18
Red Hat Enterprise Linuxtask has been submitted to the EPEL repositories of Fedora.Please refer to the EPEL documentation-
OpenSUSEzypper install taskwarrioropenSUSE 12.2
Archlinuxpacman -S task-
Slackwaresbopkg -i task13.0
Gentooemerge task-
Sabayonsudo equo install task-
FreeBSDTo install the port:cd /usr/ports/deskutils/taskwarrior/make install cleanTo add the package:pkg_add -r taskwarrior (Deprecated)pkg install taskwarrior (Newer releases)-
OpenBSDBefore 5.8sudo pkg_add -i taskwarriorVersion 5.8+doas pkg_add -i taskwarrior-
macOSHomebrew: brew install taskHomebrew: brew install taskdHomebrew: brew install taskshMacPorts: port install task-
CygwinAdd it during setupWindows XP SP3
Windows 10Bash on Ubuntu on Windows 10:apt-get install taskWindows 10 Insider Preview
MSYS2pacman -S task-
NixOSnix-env -i taskwarrior-
Voidxbps-install task-

Git Repository

Get the whole source and history from our git repository. You will need git installed.


The stable branch represents the latest stable release.

All other branches are development branches, and are works in progress and may not pass all quality tests, therefore may harm your data. While we welcome bug reports from the develop branch, we do not guarantee proper or timely fixes.

  • Broken functionality may arise from ongoing development work
  • Make proper backups
  • Be aware that using the development branch involves risks
$ git clone

Example backup command:

$ tar czf ~/.task/task-backup-$(date +'%Y%m%d').tar.gz ~/.task/*

Older Versions

Please contact us if you wish to download prior versions.