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Resolving with dnsimple 2016-11-16

Since a couple of weeks ago the resolving of our hostnames and domains is handled via services of dnsimple. They are kindly enough to sponsor the taskwarrior project. We will not only profit from the developer friendly management console but in particular from the powerful API to handle our DNS tasks when we move towards our new CI system flod2.

Please check them out under

Activity Digest: October 2016 2016-11-02

Flod2 is now being rolled out for testing. This is a CI system rewrite that eliminates build server daemons and the pull model. This will allow greater use of virtual machines, and more automation. For example, we will now be able to automatically generate coverage reports and snapshot tarballs, based on build characteristics.


Activity Digest: September 2016 2016-10-02

Tasksh 1.1.0 released, Anomaly 1.1.0 released. Flod2 is a major update that greatly improves speed and reliability of the CI system. It is working well, and will be rolled out in October, with new features and greater automation.


Tasksh 1.1.0 Released 2016-09-05

Tasksh 1.1.0 is release, with an interactive review feature, ability to execute shell commands, and bug fixes. This release is a recommended upgrade.

Here is a quick demo of the review feature:


Activity Digest: August 2016 2016-09-05

August saw a lot of documentation updates and preparation for the release of Timewarrior 1.0.0 and FrOSCon 2016. Focus then shifted to finishing up Tasksh 1.1.0 work.


FrOSCon 2016 Materials Online 2016-08-24

Photo: Sujeevan Vijayakumaran

Materials presented by Dirk Deimeke at FrOSCon 2016 are now online, as promised:


Timewarrior 1.0.0 Released 2016-08-21

Timewarrior 1.0.0 is released. Timewarrior tracks your time from the command line, and generates reports. Your data is stored locally in clear text. Integrates with Taskwarrior.


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