New Site Live

We have shut off the old website, and replaced it with this. Although this site is a fraction of the size, it nevertheless has much less redundancy, and no obsolete documents.

Take a look around, and hopefully you’ll find that there is a more logical structure, and clearer, updated documentation. It’s also a little sparse at the moment, but we are working on that. In addition to growing and completing the documentation set, there will be a replacement for the Q&A forums coming soon.

There are several efforts under way. First, the tutorials and help contained a lot of overlapping, obsolete content. With this site, under the ‘Docs’ tab above, all the old sources of content are being combined into one set, and in the case of the tutorials, are being rewritten. The next step will be to generate the documentation from Markdown and templates.

All user accounts from the old site have been migrated to the new issue tracking system which you can access after a password reset, for the purposes of creating issues and feature requests, or commenting on existing ones.