Vit 1.2 is released

Version 1.2 of the VIT front-end for Taskwarrior is available for download now.

Download here: vit-1.2.tar.gz.

See the VIT 1.2 beta1 announcement for the features introduced in 1.2.

The following are changes included since the beta release:

  • the key can now be used in shortcuts
  • exit with informative error if shortcut too long (see #42:)
  • fix colors for running VIT in tmux
  • do not print control characters to prompts
  • fix recognition of backspace in tmux
  • fix a prompt bug that prevented editing
  • ‘vit -audit’ now creates a log with debug info

Many thanks to Devendra Ghate and Nemo Inis, who provided quality feedback.

For bug reports and feature requests, please register and create an issue for the project “VIT”.

For any other questions, please email Scott Kostyshak at