Taskwarrior 2.4.0 beta1

Taskwarrior 2.4.0 is in beta, and available as a source tarball.

  • Calc command task calc '1 + 1' Hint: it’s ‘2’, but it’s a beta, so who knows? And yes, it can do more than that.
  • Enhanced DOM support task add due:123.due
  • Date math task add ... due:eom wait:'due - 1week'
  • Unicode: task add \\u2615
  • New command line parser. Why would you care? You wouldn’t. But we do, because it lets us be creative and add more useful features.
  • Better task show command, that includes default values.
  • Hooks. Yeah.
  • ISO-8601 date support task add ... due:2014-09-15T18:59:00 and about 30 other formats too, independent of rc.dateformat.
  • The task info report now shows more … stuff.
  • More virtual tags. That work now.
  • New localizations. Now there are eng-USA, esp-ESP, fra-FRA, ita-ITA, por-PRT, epo-RUS. Dolphin and Klingon next.

Tasksh 1.0.0 is also in beta, and available as a source tarball. Features in tasksh include:

  • Libreadline support for command line history. So you can hit Up-Arrow, which we know you’ve dreamed of.
  • Nothing else. Because this replaces the old one, which did nothing and also crashed.
  • It doesn’t crash.
  • Or does it? Let us know.
  • It is a separate project now, and not bundled with Taskwarrior.

Features are being planned for tasksh, and with subsequent releases you’ll see it grow into a useful addition. Or not. Who knows what future portends?

But seriously, we need your help and feedback testing this. It’s a big release.

Please note that this is beta software, and not suitable for everyday use. We welcome your feedback in the form of bug submissions, and general Questions & Answers.