Taskwarrior 2.4.0 Released

Taskwarrior 2.4.0 is released, it’s a major release, and a recommended upgrade. Happy new year.

After almost a year of development, 108 bug fixes, 47 new/improved features, 1,750 code changes and over 50 community-provided patches, version 2.4.0 represents a significant improvement to task list management. Changes include:

  • New localization: Portuguese and Esperanto translations
  • New dateformat space handling
  • New date support: ‘february’, extensive support for ISO-8601
  • New column formats: description.truncated_count, uda.NAME.indicator, recur.short, tag sorting
  • New color rules: color.uda.NAME.VALUE, color.label.sort, color.until
  • New verbosity tokens: new-uuid
  • New command: calc, _zshattributes
  • New theme: dark-gray-blue­256.theme
  • New report feature: listing breaks
  • New Python testing framework for higher-level testing
  • New DOM support: ID.annotation.0.description, ID.due.month, …
  • New Hooks support: on-add, on-modify, on-launch and on-exit event hook support
  • New Regular Expression support enabled by default
  • New algebraic expression support: date math, fuzzy matches
  • Improved command line: handling of quoted and escaped content, partial UUIDs, searching all attributes, projects with spaces
  • Improved utilities: l10n
  • Improved show command: displays default settings
  • Improved information command: urgency calculation details, runs by default when just an ID/UUID is specified
  • Improved diagnostics command: shows environment variables, hooks, indicates configuration errors
  • Improved urgency calculations: inherited urgency via dependencies, UDA participation, affects nag feature
  • Improved documentation: redesigned reference PDF, man pages moved online
  • Improved security: certificate validation, hostname validation
  • Improved report filters
  • Improved front-end support: file locking, confirmation suppression
  • Improved debugging output, sync diagnostics
  • Improved completion scripts: zsh, fish
  • Improved Vim support files
  • Updated holiday files
  • Removed deprecated features: push, pull, merge, old file formats, unused configuration settings
  • Removed the misunderstood ‘total active time’ feature, replaced by a 3rd party hook script
  • Removed the shadow file feature, replaced by a hook script example

For full details, see the ChangeLog file included in the release.

Look for a series of new online documents over the coming days, highlighting some of the new functionality.

The release is immediately available as a source tarball. Binary packages will soon be available via your Operating System’s package manager.