Activity Digest: January 2015 2015-02-07

This is the first of an ongoing series of activity reports, published monthly, to highlight activities in the Taskwarrior project. Here is what happened in January 2015.

2015-01-01Taskwarrior 2.4.0 released.
Including ISO date support,
2015-01-02Some people are seeing unreadable color combination in 2.4.0 color themes.
Some contrast and color improvements were made in the 2.4.1 branch.
2015-01-03People are finding that 2.4.0 introduces a tri-state ’’ setting, which needs to be updated with a good value.
The troubleshooting sync docs are updated accordingly.
2015-01-03The Taskwarrior data anonymizer is now available for download. Edit: The anonymizer is now replaced by task … rc.obfuscate:1
2015-01-03The waiting report is broken in 2.4.0, and shows all tasks that have the waiting attribute, past or future.
2015-01-03People are finding that the due.age column used in some reports is not showing data in the future, which makes it useless. Fixed in 2.4.1.
2015-01-03Tomas introduces tasklib which provides a Python API to access Taskwarrior data.
2015-01-03New documentation to help developers build Taskwarrior is introduced.
2015-01-04New documentation listing the 47 new ISO date formats supported is added.
2015-01-04Changes made to support building with musl (libc) in 2.4.1.
2015-01-04A script to generate a test data file, that we could use as a common basis for checking functionality was discussed, but no one wants to do it.
2015-01-05The first step is take towards using modern C++11 features, where N1984 (auto type derivation) is used in one place, and implies a minimum gcc 4.4 or clang 2.9, both of which are several years old.
2015-01-08The diag command is improved so that it offers information when hook scripts are misnamed, or not executable.
2015-01-08Jens contributes a German localization for Taskwarrior, included in 2.4.1.
2015-01-18Diagnostic and debug output is improved for authors of hook scripts.
2015-01-19Renato adds support to the test framework for hook script tests. These are needed before the 2.4.1 release.
2015-01-19Tomas makes several useful hook scripts available from the tools page.
2015-01-28Leo announces oclaunch, which can be used to run commands at login.
2015-01-31Hook scripts which create additional tasks are causing problems, resulting in the hooks interface being restricted for 2.4.1. Hook scripts can no longer modify out-of-context tasks, or add arbitrary new tasks. Unit tests for hooks are introduced, which will lead to more stringent checking in Taskwarrior.
2015-01-31Downloads for January for the 2.4.0 source tarball: 1773.