Taskwarrior 2.4.1 Released

Taskwarrior 2.4.1 is released. Although this is a minor release, there are significant bug fixes and Hook support improvements that make this a recommended upgrade. Changes include:

  • New German translation
  • Hook scripts are now under much stricter control
  • More feedback and help for Hook script authors
  • The ‘date.iso’ setting allows you to enable (default) or disable support for ISO-8601 dates. This is because some of you have ‘dateformat’ settings that conflict
  • The ‘recurrence’ setting enables (default) or disables recurring task instance generation
  • Can now compile with musl(libc)
  • Fixed assorted report definition problems
  • Fixed assorted color theme problems
  • Better color support in various places
  • Lots of bug fixes

For full details, see the ChangeLog file included in the release.

The release is immediately available as a source tarball. Binary packages will soon be available via your Operating System’s package manager.