Activity Digest: March 2015

This is an ongoing series of activity reports, published monthly, to highlight activity in the Taskwarrior project. Here is what happened in March 2015.

2015-03-01The Hooks Design page was moved out of the design section onto the main page.
2015-03-01Scott pointed out that there is a performance drop since 2.3.0, which was fixed and further improved. The major cause of this was on-load recurrence value mapping, which was not being done efficiently.
2015-03-01A new Hook Author’s Guide shows how to write and test a hook script.
2015-03-03Renato gives the test suite the option to use task/taskd from $PATH.
2015-03-05Wim finds an fixes a particularly nasty hook bug, that is causing on-modify hook scripts to fail to update the actual tasks. This also exposes a weakness in the unit testing. This find will likely lead to a release of 2.4.2.
2015-03-07The test suite undergoes reorganization, to combine like tests, remove redundant tests, and migrate bug tests into feature test scripts. While this is happening, tests are being converted from Perl to Python.
2015-03-09The _version command now shows both the version number and the commit hash all the time. Prior to this, the different information was shown depending on whether Taskwarrior was built from git or from a tarball.
2015-03-12Renato gives the Python unit tests some color, which makes the output more readable in a tty.
2015-03-15The color themes are updated to remove all the very-low contrast and inappropriate colors. The online theme swatches are updated.
2015-03-16Taskwarrior 2.4.2 released, mainly to address the hook problem, but has the nice side effect of releasing the context features and updated themes.
2015-03-18Tomas updates the bash completion script to solve a problem when it tries to get confirmation from the user.
2015-03-18Tomas adds the calc command to the man page, which was oddly missing.
2015-03-21Tomas gives the bulk setting a new meaning for the value zero - infinity, which means that Taskwarrior never considers an modification to be too big.
2015-03-23Wim fixes a bug so that all local modifications update the modified attribute, and these modifications are hidden from the journal.
2015-03-26Wim fixes a dependency chain urgency calculation bug, which was reporting the wrong value after a done/delete command.
2015-03-28The new Lexer gains a few hundred new tests, to make sure that all types are properly recognized. The full integration of the new Lexer begins soon.
2015-03-29Wim enables compiler warnings. The removal effort begins.
2015-03-30Wim fixes the export scripts, which has rotted, as software does, when ignored for long enough.
2015-03-31Wim improves the on-exit sample hook, which was misleading.