Taskwarrior 2.4.3 Released

User Defined Attributes (UDAs) have been enhanced so that type string attributes may now designate the sort order of allowed values. This enhancement permits the migration of the priority attribute to a UDA. This means you may now define your own priority levels, sorting and urgency coefficients.

Although it may appear otherwise, there is no new monthly release cycle, it’s all a coincidence. The next release will likely take a little longer as we shift focus to Taskserver improvements.

Although this is a minor release, there are significant bug fixes and new features make this a recommended upgrade. Changes include:

  • Hooks API v2, which is backwards compatible with v1. This allows hooks to be more aware of the context in which they are run.
  • Default values no longer are applied to recurring tasks.
  • Default values no longer are applied to synced tasks.
  • UDA sorting order can be defined.
  • Priority attribute gone, replaced by a default UDA configuration.
  • Command line lexer bugs fixed, which caused a hang.
  • Urgency improvements for tasks with dependencies, which were reporting bad values.
  • The isnt and not attribute modifiers were mapped to hte wrong operator.
  • Invalid IDs were displayed after a done or delete command.
  • Example export scripts have been updated, so they work again.
  • The summary report can now be configured to show old projects, not just current ones.
  • The info report failed to show negative urgency values.
  • Added a new rc.bulk value (0) that is interpreted as infinity.
  • Minor command line parser improvements.
  • Minor command performance improvements.
  • Documentation improvements.
  • Several bug fixes.

For full details, see the ChangeLog file included in the release.

The release is immediately available as a source tarball. Binary packages will soon be available via your Operating System’s package manager.