Taskserver 1.1.0 beta1 Released

Taskserver 1.1.0 is in beta, and we are asking you to please test this release in your environment. See https://taskwarrior.org/docs/taskserver/upgrade/ for instructions to upgrade your server. There have been a few changes:


  • New setup helper script, setup_server.bash, which interactively leads the whole setup and configuration process.
  • When hosting, the configured server name is no longer ignored.
  • Taskserver can now be restricted to IPv4 or IPv6.
  • New man page for taskdctl.
  • Server now supports a configuration setting trust, which can be either strict or allow all, and defaults to strict.


  • Configurable client certificate verification.
  • Improved PKI scripts.
  • Certificate examples now use CN, and not SANs.
  • CRL certificate is now optional.
  • Added certificate verification to GnuTLS versions older than 2.9.10.


  • The statistics request is now supported.
  • validate command will parse/validate a JSON string or file. Used for debugging Taskserver clients.
  • If the trust setting contains a bad value, the diagnostics command will indicate this, and the server will log it.
  • Can log to STDOUT when configuration setting log is set to ‘-’.
  • Improved diagnostics command output.
  • Taskserver no longer ignore the host definition.
  • Improved logging for errors, problems, data conflicts, JSON parsing, …
  • Systemd script: taskd.service.


  • Taskserver builds with the musl library
  • Removed linking of pthreads.


  • Improved I/O performance with better defaults for buffer sizes.
  • Removed support for client.allow/client.deny settings.
  • Documentation improvements.
  • Most documentation moved online, to keep it more current and correct.
  • Many bug fixes.

For full details, see the ChangeLog file included in the release. The release is immediately available as a source tarball.

This is a beta release, and is not recommended for stable environments.