Activity Digest: August 2015

This is an ongoing series of activity reports, published monthly, to highlight activity in the Taskwarrior project. Here is what happened in August 2015.

This is not a complete list of all activity, just work that results in a non-trivial change. For a full list, see the full Git history.

2015-08-01- Task: Commands now have ‘DNA’, which determines how they behave, and allows more control than simply distinguishing between read-only and write commands.
- Task: An ISO year is now valid beyond 2100.
- Task: The new ‘commands’ command shows information about how the commands behave. For debugging.
- Task: Documentation now indicates the replacement for report.X.annotations.
2015-08-02- Task: Context filters now applied only when a command requests it.
- Task: Time-sensitive, floating point representation-sensitive, and color-sensitive unit tests fixed, which yields more consistent results.
- Task: When applying additional filters, the insertion occurs at the beginning, thus avoiding any -- arguments.
- Task: GC now only run when a command requests it.
2015-08-03- Task: rc.debug=1 now shows the parse tree, before command-specific processing.
- Task: Clarified DOM responses - it is an error to specify no reference, or a bad reference. It is not an error to specify a reference that yields no value.
- #1653: Descriptions often get overwritten with “( or )” fixed
2015-08-04- Task: Man pages updated to cover the inequality operators.
- #1672: Typo in Documentation fixed
- #1671: descriptions that are stringified ids fixed
2015-08-05- #1374: Filter due:yyyy-mm-dd is failing to display daily recurring tasks if there is deleted task in the series fixed
- #1522: Translation manuals are outdated/mis information fixed
- #1525: Invalid due date produces jump to beginning of the unix epoch fixed
- #1563: soww Synonym produces wrong date fixed
- #1619: context and description substring fixed
- #1620: Filter “due.before” with relative dates stopped working fixed
- #1623: (Bulk) modification of tasks unintentionally overwrites description if a context is active fixed
- #1631: Theme Support for missing UDAs fixed
- #1635: soww weirdness fixed
- #1648: Report filters combine incorrectly with command line with terminator. fixed
- #1654: “Due” parsing behavior seems inconsistent fixed
- #1667: Batch modifying tasks under context sets description to ‘( )’ fixed
2015-08-06- TaskServer: The diagnostics commands now shows certificate file sizes.
- Task: The diagnostics commands now shows certificate file sizes.
- Task: Displays UUID instead of ID when completing a task.
- Task: Documented that comma-separated UUIDs are not supported, and comma-separated IDs are deprecated.
2015-08-07- Task: Documented the ! negation operator.
- Task: rc.sugar enables/disables syntactic sugar for IDs and UUIDs only.
- #1675: Provide opt-out of filter parser’s id treatment fixed
- #1676: task rm misparsed fixed
2015-08-08- #1660: UUID with numeric-only first segment is not parsed properly fixed
2015-08-09- Task: UUID is now validated on import.
2015-08-11- #305: Unexpected zsh autocomplete behaviour fixed
2015-08-12- Task: Merged Duration and ISO8601p objects. All durations are now ISO-centric.
- Task: Improved documentation in sample hook script.
- #1677: info report regression; shouldn’t be context sensitive fixed
2015-08-14- Task: Configuration: ‘’ now defaults to ‘yes’ on Cygwin
- #1679: Inform “No changes made.” when quitting early due to signal fixed
2015-08-17- Task: The is and isnt attribute modifiers are now exact/inexact operators.
- Task: Improved documentation for attribute modifiers in the help command.
2015-08-22- #1690: import should reject invalid data fixed
2015-08-23- Task: New recur verbosity token.
- Task: New unwait verbosity token.
- #1688: Notify of waiting→pending promotion fixed
2015-08-27- #1694: Reversed ranges are parsed as a mathematician would expect fixed
- #1695: task add: segfault with foo-bar:1 fixed
- #1699: project.not:something doesn’t exclude project:something.sub projects fixed
2015-08-28- Task:<name>.sort:none now performs no sorting, and retains the order of all UUID values specified.
- Task: the columns report gained a ’type’ field.
2015-08-29- Task: The commands report gained a ‘description’ field.
2015-08-30- Task: The TASKDATA environment variable is now mandatory in Bash tests.
2015-08-31- Task: The LATEST virtual tag indicates the most recently added task.
- Task: The PROJECT virtual tag indicates that a project is assigned.
- Task: The PRIORITY virtual tag indicates that a priority is assigned.