Activity Digest: September 2015

This is an ongoing series of activity reports, published monthly, to highlight activity in the Taskwarrior project. Here is what happened in September 2015.

This is not a complete list of all activity, just work that results in a non-trivial change. For a full list, see the full Git history.

2015-09-01- Task: Added rc.rules.color.merge to control whether combined colors are merged (default) or overwritten. This prevents some unusable color combinations.
- Task: Replaced with r
- #1403: Use of ^ in regex parsed as exponentiate operator fixed
- #1475: Add possibility to modify newest task fixed
- #1640: Intermittent lengthy delay when starting or completing a task fixed
- #1684: Disabled sorting option fixed
2015-09-03- Task: Removed colors that use underscores (on_blue), a feature deprecated in 2009.
2015-09-04- Task: Added first man page references which are deliberately minimal, and refer to online resources.
2015-09-05- Task: Some unit tests were changed from being disabled to enabled and marked as ’expected to fail’. This means the test are now run, instead of ignored.
2015-09-06- Task: If not explicitly stated on import, values with default dynamic values (such as modified, entry or end) can produce a false notion of incoming ‘modified’ data, where the only difference between the data in the database and data being imported is that the dynamic defaults differ, which are now ignored.
- Task: Not all commands were obeying the rc.color setting.
- Task: The command line parser can now detect cases where unwanted arguments are provided on the command line.
- #1711: task add due:som appears to be interpreted as ‘someday’ fixed
2015-09-07- Task: rc.debug.parser=2 now shows the full parse tree, whereas rc.debug.parser=3 shows eval processing.
- Task: The 2.4.5 development branch is renamed to 2.5.0, reflecting the scope of the work.
- Task: 2.5.0 beta1 released.
2015-09-08- Task: All date attributes now have the same sorting behavior as due dates.
- #1708: make no-date > has-date for all date at tributes fixed
2015-09-09- #1702: segfault in ~ViewTask() fixed
2015-09-10- Task: Removed the ability to build without color support.
- #1707: Dom reference for project not properly e valuated fixed
2015-09-11- Task: The test suite exits with non-zero when any test fails.
- #108: Circular dependency detection broken for missing tasks fixed
- #1712: task fails to import fixed
2015-09-12- Task: The limit:N feature is no longer a pseudo-attribute (there are no others), but is syntactic sugar that maps to rc.limit:N.
- #1680: Implicitly parenthesize argv filter fixed
- #1716: ‘42//’ segfaults fixed
2015-09-13- #1710: Sorting not working on udas fixed
2015-09-15- Task: Data copying inefficiencies are fixed, yielding a dramatic improvement to import speed.
- Task: Updated Unicode character list.
- Task: Performance testing improved (
2015-09-16- Task: 2.5.0 beta2 released.
- #1719: edit: Concurrent edits fixed
2015-09-19- Vramsteg: Added 64-bit min/max/value support.
- Task: When GC is turned off, disable the query shortcuts, which do not apply.
- Task: Holiday files updated.
- Task: The filter verbosity token was lost in the CLI2 upgrade.
- #1723: Command interpretation displayed incorrectly fixed
- #1725: Some generated UUIDs deemed invalid fixed
2015-09-20- Task: The new-uuid verbosity token is deprecated.
- #1686: filter before add becomes description fixed
2015-09-21- #1724: modify tags behavior changed fixed
2015-09-22- Task: The export command no longer obeys context.
- Task: TDB2 Task lookup code improvements yields another significant import speedup.
2015-09-24- #1731: Context can leak into modifications fixed
2015-09-25- Task: Fixed segfault problem on exit.
2015-09-26- Vramsteg: 1.1.0 released.
- Clog: 1.2.0 released.