Activity Digest: November 2015

This is an ongoing series of activity reports, published monthly, to highlight activity in the Taskwarrior project. Here is what happened in November 2015.

This is not a complete list of all activity, just work that results in a non-trivial change. For a full list, see the full Git history.

2015-11-01- Task: Migrated code from using C-style string formatting to C++11-style.
- Task: Began resolving Flint++ issues.
2015-11-02- Task: Significant performance enhancements (~45-55%) in string colorization.
- Task: Many C++11 changes reverted because it was discovered that Cygwin doesn’t support several C++11 features with GCC 4.9
2015-11-03- Task: Performance enhancements (~3%) in JSON composition.
2015-11-04- Task: Performance enhancements (~1-3%) in ID/UUID lookups.
- Task: Performance enhancements (~7-12%) by changing Task inheritance and enabling move semantics
2015-11-06- Task: Fixed broken build for older GCC on Cygwin
2015-11-07- #100: Dates in the far future give bad estimates in burndown fixed
- #347: Estimated completion in burndown.daily shows impossible results fixed
- #1345: some recurring intervals reset due time to midnight fixed
- #1473: Difference in how relative dates are specified in report filters since 2.3.0 fixed
2015-11-08- Taskd: Inherited code fixes and enhancements from Taskwarrior codebase
- Task: Performance enhancements (~4-21%) gained from rRelocating TDB2::gc to TDB2::load_tasks almost eliminates GC processing times, reducing them by ~96%
- #106: The recurrence value ‘2m’ is not valid fixed
2015-11-10- #1608: Wrong urgency for first report after reviving task fixed
- Task: Performance enhancements (minimal) made by reordering date parsing formats, most common first
2015-11-11- Task: Performance enhancements (9-45%) with file writes on high-latency systems
2015-11-12- Task: Performance enhancements (~20%) for data load by improving the quoted string parsing
2015-11-15- Task: Added missing colors from some themes
- #1747: task info causes segfault fixed
- #1748: some commands show color codes when re directed fixed
2015-11-16- #1526: Dates formatted as “.age”, “.remaining”, or “.countdown” often give blank results fixed
2015-11-17- Task: Fixed a race condition in the test suite that caused odd test failure counts
- #1452: The ‘age’ format rounds in odd ways fixed
- #1507: Unable to assign a completed task as de pendency fixed
2015-11-18- #1682: rc override to non-existent alternate rc quietly uses default fixed
2015-11-22- Task: Performance enhancements (~2%) to JSON encoding, using lookup table
2015-11-24- Task: Performance enhancements by reducing string copies un lookups in
- #1753: zsh completion: zregexparse:4: not enough regex argument fixed