Activity Digest: January 2016

This is an ongoing series of activity reports, published monthly, to highlight activity in the Taskwarrior project. Here is what happened in January 2016.

This is not a complete list of all activity, just work that results in a non-trivial change. For a full list, see the full Git history.

2016-01-04- clog: Code cleanup, inherited fixes and tests from task
- taskd: The pki scripts now respect expiration date
2016-01-05- flod: Began building on-demand system
- Added systemd integration to the taskserver control page
2016-01-08- task: Fix invalid context command example in man page fixed
2016-01-09- task: Removed lots of obsolete and unused code
2016-01-11- #23: add review option (m)odify fixed
- #1729: Directories in .task/hooks should not be reported as invalid hooks fixed
- #1738: Starting recurring task starts all recurrences fixed
- #1758: calendar gives an error when context is set fixed
- #1759: context with no subcommand should do something fixed
- #1760: Error on detection of BOM in files fixed
- #1765: Warning “ignoring return value of ‘int ftruncate” while doing make on xubuntu15.10 fixed
- #1772: CMakeLists shouldn’t hardcode libc++ on Darwin fixed
- #1776: cleanup of diag output fixed
- task: Logic that determined BLOCKING and BLOCKED tasks that was different in two locations fixed
- Added to the tools page
2016-01-12- #1743: Description cannot contain improper ordinals fixed
- taskd: New pki script for checking cert expiration
- Updated clog homebrew instructions
2016-01-15- task: OpenBSD also puts libuuid functions inside libc fixed
- taskd: Large improvements to the pki scripts
- Better defaults for the taskserver control page
2016-01-16- anomaly: The signal and system reactions were switched fixed
- anomaly: Incorrect error message wording
- anomaly: Improved C++11 CppCoreGuidelines compliance
- clog: Improved C++11 CppCoreGuidelines compliance
- clog: Improved handling for suppressed lines, with documentation updates
- task: Missing include that broke Cygwin fixed
- vramsteg: Improved C++11 CppCoreGuidelines compliance
- vramsteg: Cannot trap SIGKILL fixed
2016-01-18- common: Began work on breaking out code shared between projects into a separate repository, to reduce bug fix latency and duplication
- task: Bad link in man pages fixed
2016-01-23- #107: Bash dependency not documented fixed
- task: The text certs all expired on the 19th fixed
- task: Bug where ‘rc.allow.empty.filter’ was not behaving properly fixed
- task: The task sync init command now uploads all tasks, not just pending tasks
- taskd: Modified code to allow a subtype: message header without ill effects, allowing for the sync message to have specialized options
2016-01-27- task: Man page bugs fixed
2016-01-28- Unique page titles for more readable bookmarking
2016-01-30- flod: Central dispatcher replaced
2016-01-31- #1780: The columns.t unit test fails two tests after 2300 local fixed
- task: Now delegates attribute modification to Column objects, which will allow a whole class of bugs to be fixed