Taskwarrior Workflow Study

Taskwarrior aims to provide a toolkit of various capabilities, which can be cherry-picked to support many custom methodologies.

We have learned over the years that everyone uses it differently, and for different things. There is a lot to be learned from how someone uses software, the features they use, and the ones they do not.

So we are asking you to tell us how you use Taskwarrior, what for, which features, but more importantly why your choices make sense to you. If you can take a few minutes, please send a summary to support@gothenburgbitfactory.org and we’ll put it online with the others. Who knows what will emerge from this.

Here are the first few workflow details. Clearly we have not learned what questions are important yet, or how to present the information, but this will change.

Taskwarrior workflow.

Please tell us your workflow. It’s almost certain that you have something unique to share.