Activity Digest: February 2016

This is an ongoing series of activity reports, published monthly, to highlight activity in the Taskwarrior project. Here is what happened in February 2016.

This is not a complete list of all activity, just work that results in a non-trivial change. For a full list, see the full Git history.

2016-02-01- #236: short help text fixed
- task: Attribute modification delegated to type-specific objects
- task: UDA definitions made more robust
2016-02-02- #1721: Inconsistent failure mode on invalid task id fixed
- #1734: Setting wait date on status:completed / status:deleted fixed
- #1778: ‘' at end of description in ’task edit’ merges task with following task fixed
- #1787: Removing the due date of a task with no due date modifies the task fixed
- task: Various attribute accessors were auto-vivifying, only to have the attribute removed later, which is silly
2016-02-03- libshared: FS gained automatic BOM-removal logic
- task: Assorted C++11-isms embraced
- task: DOM Object demoted to functions
2016-02-05- task: 2.5.1 beta1 released
2016-02-06- anomaly: Test scripts copied to build dir
- clog: Test scripts copied to build dir
- clog: Fixed broken run_all script
- flod2: Test scripts copied to build dir
- flod2: Fixed broken run_all script
- libshared: Fixed broken run_all script
- taskd: Fixed broken run_all script
- tasksh: Fixed broken run_all script
- timew: Fixed broken run_all script
- vitapi: Fixed broken run_all script
- vramsteg: Fixed broken run_all script
2016-02-07- Added sk-SK locale
2016-02-08- #1792: Task sync failed: “Either your credentials are incorrect, or your account doesn’t exist on the Taskserver.” fixed
2016-02-13- task: Some dates were being parsed twice
2016-02-14- libshared: ISO8601 date handling now integrated and decoupled as Datetime
2016-02-16- libshared: ISO8601 duration handling now integrated and decoupled as Duration
2016-02-20- task: Dev meetup in NYC - liquids consumed
- taskd: Inherited fixes and performance improvements from Taskwarrior
2016-02-21- #104: Unrecognized taskwarrior file format fixed
- taskd: Updated demo scripts
2016-02-22- task: Removed circularity checking on add
2016-02-23- #1733: Parsing bug when doing “task undo” fixed
- #1797: one task eaten all my RAM fixed
- task: Found that tag attribute column width was never actually calculated
- task: Found that line hyphenation has been broken for a long time
2016-02-24- task: 2.5.1 released which focused entirely on bug fixes and performance
- task: 2.6.0 development begins, intending to greatly improve recurrence
- task: Removed deprecated alias._query default
2016-02-25- task: Eliminated sprintf
2016-02-28- #65: sync conflict deleted all annotations of the task fixed
- #1765: Warning “ignoring return value of ‘int ftruncate” while doing make on xubuntu15.10 fixed
- taskd: Updated expired test certs