Activity Digest: March 2016

This is an ongoing series of activity reports, published monthly, to highlight activity in the Taskwarrior project. Here is what happened in March 2016.

This is not a complete list of all activity, just work that results in a non-trivial change. For a full list, see the full Git history.

2016-03-01- libshared: Gained JSON parser from Taskwarrior
2016-03-02- Guides: New repo for Taskwarrior presentations online
2016-03-13- Timewarrior: Design outline complete
2016-03-16- libshared: Renamed from the older ‘common’ - a git submodule to share code across projects
2016-03-17- Flod: Added support for submodules, using git clone --recursive ...
- Flod2: Migrated to use libshared.git
- libshared: Can now join strings
- libshared: Log object added
- Timewarrior: Migrated to use libshared.git
- Timewarrior: Repo goes public
2016-03-19- Added estact to the Tools page
- Timewarrior: Now has a working help command
2016-03-20- Task: Gained a new purge command to eliminate old data
- Timewarrior: Can now load data
- Timewarrior: Now has a working extensions command
2016-03-21- libshared: Duration class can now format in a human-readable way
- Timewarrior: Now tracks time using a start and stop command
2016-03-22- #1796: Implementation of circular dependency detection is inefficient fixed
- #1810: Closing a reopened task does not update the end time fixed
- Timewarrior: Now has a working log command
- Timewarrior: Now has a working export command
- Timewarrior: Now has a working continue command
- Timewarrior: Now has a working default command
2016-03-23- #103: Incorrect error when org does not exists fixed
- Added mailing lists to the contribution page
2016-03-25- Timewarrior: Now has a working stop command
- Timewarrior: Added the extension API
2016-03-26- #50: Log when file management fails fixed
- #115: Throw error when config file is missing or not readable fixed
- Added First Time Contributor page
- Timewarrior: Now has a working diagnostics command
- Timewarrior: Added the first color theme
- Timewarrior: Added the first holiday file
- Timewarrior: Added a debug report to test the extension API
2016-03-27- Flod: Documentation fixes
- libshared: Now has a split function that coalesces whitespace
- task/libshared: Now knows when ‘juhannus’ is
2016-03-28- libshared: Table now switches to hyphen underlines when output is not to a TTY
- Timewarrior: Now colorizes tags
- Timewarrior: Now has a working tags command
2016-03-29- All: Colored test script output propagated to all projects
- Task: Deprecated the DUETODAY virtual tag