Activity Digest: April 2016

This is an ongoing series of activity reports, published monthly, to highlight activity in the Taskwarrior project. Here is what happened in April 2016.

This is not a complete list of all activity, just work that results in a non-trivial change. For a full list, see the git history of all the projects.

2016-04-01- #1811: Support additional countable infinities reported
- #1812: Urgency computations involving NaN are incorrect reported
2016-04-02- #1813: taskrc(5) manpage: spurious “pri.” in rule.precedence.color fixed
- libshared: Added support for informal time: 8am, 2:34pm
- Compressed all the images on the site.
- Replaced email addresses with mailing lists.
2016-04-03- #1814: The info command uses ‘0’ to reference dependencies on non-pending tasks fixed
- Task: When a task ID is not available, a UUID is now used instead.
2016-04-04- libshared: Added JSON2 SAX parser.
2016-04-05- Timewarrior: Learns the :quiet hint.
2016-04-08- Guides: Added OpenRheinRuhr presentation.
- Task: Runs under the Windows 10 Linux Subsystem.
2016-04-09- #42: Remove user command says user does not exist fixed
- #102: After creating a user apparently successful taskd says: User does not exists fixed
- #117: Wrong systemd target, taskd can fail if is up earlier than the network fixed
- Task: Now uses the CMake CXXSniffer code.
- Taskd: Now uses the CMake CXXSniffer code.
- Taskd: Now builds all source as a temp library against which to link tests, for faster builds.
- Timewarrior: Learned to parse its own command line.
2016-04-10- Timewarrior: Gains an extension API.
2016-04-11- libshared: Added support for socq, eocq, socy and eocy.
- libshared: Removed Datetime abbreviations for some dates, i.e. socm, socy.
- Timewarrior: Gains a continue command.
2016-04-13- Guides: Added FOSS-GBG presentation.
2016-04-15- #1817: Calendar underline on Day padding fixed
- libshared: Datetime can now work in look-forward or look-behind mode, i.e. what does Monday mean?
- libshared: Datetime disambiguated som from someday.
- Task: Removed a broken flapping test.
- Timewarrior: Defined what a filter is, and it’s very simple.
2016-04-16- #118: Shebang issue fixed
2016-04-17- Timewarrior: Data access resolved down to addInterval and deleteInterval. Simple.
- Timewarrior: Properly handles intervals that span data files.
2016-04-18- Timewarrior: Learned that day on and day off are just holiday overrides.
2016-04-20- libshared: Pig::getHMS can now read formally-specified time.
- Timewarrior: Learned how expand weekday exclusions into a set of date ranges.
2016-04-21- Guides: Taskserver setup PDF completed.
- Timewarrior: Gained holiday file support.
2016-04-22- Timewarrior: Expanded set of report mockups for feedback.
2016-04-23- Clog: Migrated to use libshared, updated the code base for C++11.
- Flod2: Typo in build system linked to missing library that wasn’t used.
- libshared: Color can now emit raw codes.
- Timewarrior: diagnostics now references the theme and shows swatches.
2016-04-24- Flod: Learned how to clone and switch branches in one step.
- libshared: Switched all date arguments order to Y, M, D. The original US order of M, D, Y has caused unending confusion.
2016-04-25- libshared: Added Composite object from Timewarrior.
- Timewarrior: Now has a default color palette, which is overridden by themes.
2016-04-28- Task: Fixed ambiguity in the spa-ESP localization for the yes/no/all/cancel string.
- Timewarrior: The track, stop and start commands now properly split intervals that cross boundaries.
2016-04-29- Timewarrior: Gains a cancel command.
- Timewarrior: Gains a day report.
- Timewarrior: Each report now has a configuration rule.
- Timewarrior: The day report now renders in different experimental styles.
- Timewarrior: Gained bash unit test capability from Taskwarrior.
2016-04-30- libshared: Added Palette object from Timewarrior.
- Timewarrior: Gains a summary report.