Activity Digest: June 2016

This is an ongoing series of activity reports, published monthly, to highlight activity in our projects. Here is what happened in June 2016. This is not a complete list of all activity, just work that results in a non-trivial change. For a full list, see the git history of all the projects.


The main focus for June is getting Timewarrior ready for an alpha, and subsequent beta release. The purpose of an alpha release is to gather feedback that guides the subsequent beta release. Timewarrior is a new project that introduces new concepts. This new functionality needs to be refined before a beta release.

The Timewarrior bug tracker is now open for business.

Although comparatively minor, Clog 1.3.0 was released.

2016-06-01- Flod: Removed glyphs from tinderbox report, for a more compact appearance
- Timewarrior: Learned the new :ids hint
2016-06-04- Timewarrior: Learned how to tag an interval
2016-06-05- Timewarrior: Learned how to shorten an interval
- Timewarrior: Learned how to untag an interval
2016-06-06- #12: The ’timew’ command considers only the last interval fixed
- #13: Unicode tags not working fixed
- libshared: Fixed date bug with quarter calculations
- Timewarrior: Learned how to lengthen an interval
- Timewarrior: Learned the :lastyear, :lastquarter and :lastmonth hints
2016-06-07- Timewarrior: Supports theme.colors.debug
2016-06-08- #14: Exception after shortening task fixed
- Timewarrior: Learned how to move an interval
2016-06-10- Timewarrior: Learned how to split intervals apart
- Timewarrior: Added fully detailed help for dates and durations
2016-06-11- Timewarrior: Charts now support the :ids hint
- Timewarrior: Commands now obey the :quiet hint
2016-06-12- #121: Extract only tasks with an notations fixed
- #1833: Range filter doesn’t work fixed
- #11: The month report shows multi-days current task truncated fixed
- #16: Only the day’s last interval is considered in the month report fixed
2016-06-13- #15: Stop command shouldn’t interrupt unrelated tags fixed
2016-06-14- #1836: Install with -DLANGUAGE=2 flag not work fixed
- Task: Corrected L10N strings that were breaking the spa-ESP build
2016-06-15- #120: Missing cmakedefine for HAVE_GET_CURRENT _DIR_NAME fixed
2016-06-16- Taskserver: Now finds the threads lib
2016-06-18- libshared: Integrated list templates from Taskwarrior
- Timewarrior: Learned how to join intervals together
- Timewarrior: Themes and holidays are now installed
2016-06-20- #121: Log time in user’s specified timezone fixed
- Timewarrior Timewarrior 0.9.5 alpha released
2016-06-22- Timewarrior: Fixed missing file install bug
2016-06-23- #: The suppress context doesn’t suppress the newline character fixed
2016-06-24- #: Overlapping rules are not respected fixed
- Clog: Test suite converted to Python
2016-06-25- #119: Build fails on Debian (no C++11 support) fixed
- Clog: Man pages significantly updated
- libshared: Inherited JSON tests from Taskwarrior
- libshared: Integrated Lexer from Timewarrior
- Task: Began integration of libshared
2016-06-26- Taskserver: Integrated libshared
- Added all Timewarrior docs
- Added all Clog docs
2016-06-27- #: clog; nested include files fixed
- Clog: Test suite grew to include rules parsing tests
- Clog: 1.3.0 released
2016-06-28- #24: Should handle case where taskwarrior hook is used before timew fixed
- Timewarrior: The rc.reports.<type>.totals now controls the ‘Totals’ label
- Timewarrior: Fixed out of source builds
2016-06-30- Timewarrior: Supports rc.reports.<type>.cell to limit chart width