Activity Digest: July 2016

This is an ongoing series of activity reports, published monthly, to highlight activity in our projects. Here is what happened in July 2016. This is not a complete list of all activity, just work that results in a non-trivial change. For a full list, see the git history of all the projects.


July was spent mostly getting Timewarrior ready for beta.

2016-07-02- #18: The ’total’ summands in the month report are not aligned with the column name fixed
- #22: Warn when new tags are being created fixed
- #28: Week number does not agree with Taskwarrior fixed
- libshared: End of day is now 24:00:00 and not 23:59:59
- libshared: Week start is Monday, per isO-8601
2016-07-03- #17: Task spanning over whole day should show up as taking 24:00 instead of 23:59 fixed
- The tools page now shows Github star ratings
- Timewarrior: Added basic themes
2016-07-04- #20: report command does not find extensions fixed
- #30: The ‘day’ chart crashes if there is an open interval and no others fixed
- Timewarrior: Fixed bug with :lastweek, :lastmonth, :lastquarter and :lastyear hints
- Timewarrior: Added merge command
2016-07-06- #19: Ids displayed incorrectly fixed
- #25: ids of tracked activities should not change when editing fixed
- Timewarrior: Fixed UTF-8 encoding in Taskwarrior hook
- Timewarrior: Charts now always show the week number for the first line
2016-07-09- Timewarrior: Most commands now support :fill hint, via validation
2016-07-10- libshared: Fixed errors 8am and other informal time formats
- libshared: Fixed daylight savings adjustment error
2016-07-16- Timewarrior: Added DOM access and get command
2016-07-17- Timewarrior: Renamed reports.<type>.style=compact to reports.<type>.axis=internal
- Timewarrior: Detects when @id values are missing
2016-07-18- libshared: Fixed errors with eocw, sow, eow, soww and eoww
- Timewarrior: New delete command
2016-07-23- Timewarrior: New extension script
2016-07-24- Timewarrior: Errors now yield a non-zero exit code
- Timewarrior: Now detects @id range errors
2016-07-25- Timewarrior: beta release
2016-07-30- Timewarrior: The extension now obeys color settings