Activity Digest: November 2016

This is an ongoing series of activity reports, published monthly, to highlight activity in our projects. Here is what happened in November 2016. This is not a complete list of all activity, just work that results in a non-trivial change. For a full list, see the git history of all the projects.


The focus has been on migrating code back to libshared.git, and in turn making use of that code. This not only shrinks the size of the projects, but means that bug fixes in libshared.git benefit all projects, and reduces effort.

The Taskserver codebase is being cleaned up in preparation for a major fix and test cycle coming up.

2016-11-05- #56: in the taskwarrior hook, deleting a task doesn’t stop the watch fixed
2016-11-06- #57: The ‘refresh’ scripts overwrites previous years data fixed
- Timew: Holiday data updated
- Taskd: Improved GnuTLS 3.3.0+ support
- Taskd: Improved GnuTLS 3.5.6+ support for GNUTLS_SEC_PARAM_HIGH
- Guides: Added OpenRheinRuhr slides
2016-11-11- #31: control-d to exit fixed
2016-11-12- Taskd: Improved demo tests
- libshared: Migrated Timer to use C++11 std::chrono
2016-11-13- Task: Integrated libshared.git Timer
- libshared: Added millisecond, microsecond and nanosecond Timer support
2016-11-15- #58: Fix musl-libc compatibility fixed
2016-11-16- WWW: DNS now being resolved by
2016-11-19- WWW: RSS feed cleaned up and validated
- Task: Improved diagnostics regarding missing/unreadable files
- libshared: Made error handling for FS objects very strict, so the error messages are meaningful
2016-11-20- Cleaned up holiday definitions for upcoming automation
- holidata: Created new holidata automation utility
- holidata: Abstracted all holiday definitions
2016-11-21- Vramsteg: Now properly installs man page
- Vramsteg: Test suite converted to Python
- All: Fixed test suite problem with Python 3.5.2
- libshared: Refactored Args object, adding features
2016-11-22- Taskd: Increased use of libshared.git code
- Taskd: Added error messages when suspending already suspended node, resuming an unsuspended node
- libshared: Fixed Lexer::dequote minimum length bug
- libshared: Merged Configuration with Taskd enhancements
2016-11-24- rat: Now has PEG syntax tests
- rat: Migrated to libshared.git Args
2016-11-25- Fixed typos in task-2.5.1.ref.pdf online
- WWW: HTTP now served and deployed by caddy
2016-11-26- Taskd: Inherited bug fixes from Taskwarrior
2016-11-27- libshared: join() now supports vector
- libshared: Improved Path tests
- libshared: Migrated find functions from Taskd