FOSDEM 2017: Reprise

It was the first time the whole Taskwarrior Team met in carbon space.

What do you get when people from the US, the Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden und Switzerland meet for the first time?

A lot of fun!

We had a great time-sharing thoughts and ideas, drinking beer and discussing various topics.

There are some highlights to share:

  • The rooms were really small, so we had to meet in the hotel lobby and talk to each other (what a pity…).
  • It was all about meeting people. At FOSDEM we were recognized and people talked to us. Thank you! It was really nice seeing all of you.
  • You like our stickers, we do so as well. It is good to have some.
  • Due to intense bandwidth testing, we can tell you, you were able to get a downstream of 21 MBit/s. If you were not able to get the same, it was our fault because of testing …
  • The hotel Wi-Fi was incredibly rate limited. A download of an 1.3 GB iso file took seven hours (over night).
  • We had great tasting coffee at the FOSDEM cafeteria. Thank you!
  • Pommes frites are great as well …
  • Per Bacco is an absolutely fabulous Italian restaurant. We recommend it to everyone. We went for there three evenings in a row. Hint: Take the Quattro Formaggio pizza.
  • People at FOSDEM were really nice except the six of us.

We liked the get together very much and plan on doing this again, maybe in a town near you.