Activity Digest: May - December 2017

This is an ongoing series of activity reports, published monthly, to highlight activity in our projects. Here is what happened between May and December 2017. This is not a complete list of all activity, just work that results in a non-trivial change. For a full list, see the git history of all the projects.

This covers a seven-month period. Due to unforeseen circumstances, there was a lengthy break in 2017. We’re back.


Most of the time was spent moving Timewarrior 1.1.0 closer to release.

2017-05-03- Timewarrior: doc: Update command definition document
2017-05-08- #1923: Remove unreachable statement fixed
- Taskwarrior, Taskserver: TLSClient: Remove double include
2017-05-10- Tasksh: 1.2.0 released
2017-05-21- #78: timew move with a specific time broken on 1.1.0 fixed
- #81: timew track seems to think today is tomorrow fixed
- libshared: Added ::timeRelative support for dates that project either forwards or backwards in time
2017-05-28- Timewarrior: validate: Uses helper function to find overlaps
- Timewarrior: data: Added better error when an attempt is made to track a future interval
2017-06-12- Taskwarrior: tests: Add tests for complex and-or queries
2017-06-14- Twarrior: Quote tags containing underscores
2017-07-22- Taskwarrior: Recurrence: Updated ‘until’ handling
2017-07-27- Taskwarrior: context: Do not allow show, list or none as new context names
2017-07-30- #74: timew config converts integers to times fixed
2017-08-05- #82: Tag parsing broken for tags starting with “or_” fixed
- Flod: Improved test report formatting
- Flod: Added test count for 100% case
2017-08-18- All: Update git repo url
- Timewarrior: CONTRIBUTING: Update repo url and add recursive flag
2017-10-08- Taskwarrior: Changed (1) error format
2017-10-11- #135: systemd service: logging to standard out with --log=- no longer works fixed
- All: Removed obsolete URLs from source
2017-10-23- libshared: Added Packrat external tests
2017-11-21- Timewarrior: Commands: Reduce code duplication
2017-11-24- All: Improve TAP compliance in test suite
- Taskwarrior: CLI2,Config: Add ‘override’ verbosity options
- Docs/CLI2: Additional dev docs for applyOverrides
2017-12-01- #79: Fix cases where interval borders match when applying :fill hint fixed
2017-12-02- #1942: Typo in help fixed
- #1947: Separate verbosity category for rc overrides fixed
- #1948: Tweak tests to have fuller TAP compliance fixed
2017-12-05- #94: Update help for command ‘continue’ fixed
- #94: Make ‘continue’ accept a date range fixed
2017-12-07- Timewarrior: Fix filter for summary when only a date is given
2017-12-09- #1948: Tweak tests to have fuller TAP compliance fixed
- #1950: Adjust behaviour of new-uuid and new-id verbosity levels fixed
2017-12-10- #95: Timewarrior does not compile on DragonFly fixed
2017-12-14- #71: Move with :adjust leaves overlapping intervals fixed
2017-12-19- Timewarrior: Fix number of expected tests
2017-12-31- libshared: Added Dragonfly support