2018 Plans

We have made good use of beer time at FOSDEM to lay out our plans for 2018. Here is what we are doing, starting immediately in most cases.

Taskserver 1.2.0 Release

The Taskserver 1.2.0 effort is overdue for release. The one issue that has been holding us back is a recurrence duplication bug, and we will be addressing that in a Taskwarrior release, not a Taskserver release.

Taskwarrior 2.5.2 Release

Taskwarrior has accumulated a series of small features and bug fixes and these will be released as 2.5.2 soon. The recurrence changes will not be included.

Migrate Taskserver Guides online

We have two high-quality guides to help Taskserver users:

These will be moved online, probably using GitPitch.

Timewarrior 1.2.0 begins

First steps are a code overhaul so the internal APIs reflect current usage and plans, and creation of documentation.

Flod in containers

The Flod build servers are migrating to containers, giving us a greater diversity of test platforms. Currently, we need continuously operating VMs to provide this.

Blog Postings

Interleaved with the existing occasional news articles, we will begin adding blog posts where we can discuss … anything. Because we can.

Migrate all websites to use Markdown

All websites will migrate to using a Markdown system, simplifying updates and making use of templates.

Migrate off Jira

We will move from a self-hosted Jira system to GitHub issues.

Taskwarrior Recurrence Overhaul

After the 2.5.2 release, the recurrence overhaul will create data incompatibilities, and therefore will be released as Taskwarrior 3.0.0, following the semantic versioning model.

Taskwarrior Rules

Taskwarrior rules will likely be part of the 3.1.0 release. This will be the release that brings a dramatic feature and configurability explosion.