Taskwarrior 2.6.0 released

Taskwarrior team is happy to announce the release of Taskwarrior 2.6.0, which brings a number of improvements to your favourite task management tool. To just pick a few - writeable and configurable contexts, support for XDG Base Directory Specification, and most importantly, the ability to use emojis in your task descriptions 🚀

We also made a number of stability and bug fixing improvements to multiple areas of TW, including parsing, display or platform compatibility.

This is also the first release which supports 64-bit timestamps (also known as Y2038 problem), hence adding tasks that will likely outlive them, barring unprecedented advances in human longevity, is something our users can now indulge in:

# Hopefully emojis are still cool in 2100's
$ task add ❤️ Throw a party for 100th birthday of Taskwarrior 🥳 due:2106-11-29
Created task 3.

$ task
ID Age  Project Due     Description                                          Urg
 3 2s   Inbox   85.2y   ❤️ Throw a party for 100th birthday of Taskwarrior 🥳 5.25

For more detailed changes, we recommend reading the ChangeLog. If you want to see the release highlights, you can read the NEWS file or try running our freshly minted task news command 🙂

This is a recommended upgrade for all Taskwarrior users. Download here.